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On-Chain Manifests & URLs

Inscribed on ETH, living on-chain forever.

Generative Dungeon is now the world's first NFT collection of self-contained, complete RPG games stored entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. No outside server calls. No IPFS network retrievals. No cloud data. All essential image, sound, and javascript files have been meticulously compressed and inscribed on ETH. Level data can also be saved on-chain by owners (see the verified contract below).

Metadata and a few non-essential sound and partner image files are stored on Arweave and Polygon: if the Arweave or Polygon blockchains ever go down, the core RPG game will still run without issues. The off-chain viewer and off-chain level editor will remain available for the foreseeable future.

Below you will find the manifests and URLs of all data stored permanently on-chain by Generative Dungeon and Generative Avatars.

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